Advantages of SAP ERP integration to iFactory App maintenance execution system

The maintenance management system is a crucial part of an organization’s operation. The maintenance management and maintenance execution system plays a vital role in tracking the status and cost of maintenance services. In this article, we discuss about the key benefits of SAP ERP integration to a cloud CMMS.

Here are some of the advantages of this integration:

Duplication and redundancy elimination: Maintenance managers can view all tasks pertaining to work performed for their company on one screen; tasks from different systems can be compared, analyzed, merged or deleted efficiently with minimal manual resource input.

Enhanced collaboration: Maintenance teams and groups can collaborate on a single, unified work-flow, which provides instant access to all of the different data. Mobile app based access can be granted to all maintenance team members with named user logins. Record keeping can be view in SAP.

Improved communication and improved knowledge sharing: Improved internal communications and more efficient sharing of information between team members is possible with SAP ERP integration to cloud CMMS.

Faster error detection, problem diagnosis and problem resolution: With an SAP ERP integration to cloud CMMS, you can track down issues much faster by analyzing the status of each asset in real time. This becomes possible when each task is correlated with the status of other related asset components such as components in physical units, purchase orders, invoices or contentions.

Improved problem escalation: Business partners such as suppliers and customers can be effectively routed to the person or group best suited to help solve a problem. iFactory App provides Real- time notification workflows.

Improved job cost estimates: Estimates from the maintenance executives are very important. With SAP ERP integration to cloud CMMS, you can easily generate accurate job cost estimates based on the time required to perform a maintenance task or a change, and the cost incurred for each item that must be performed.

Improved business intelligence: With SAP ERP integration to cloud CMMS, you can view all maintenance information needed by management for internal reporting purposes in one system.