SAP Integrated Plant Maintenance Strategy

iFactory is a cloud CMMS and mobile app that connects plant maintenance teams to the SAP ERP system so they can develop and execute maintenance plans and stay updated on orders. The app can be used for cloud CMMS (Plant safety and compliance management and maintenance software) document data in real-time or offline with sync feature. iFactory links all data with the best of both worlds: iFactory for real-time execution and mobile apps and SAP for record keeping of parts list, purchase order, documentation etc., and plant assets.

iFactory aligns with a SAP Integrated Plant Maintenance Strategy because iFactory is the mobile solution that bridges the gap between plant maintenance teams and the finance office.

The app turns all data into useful information to improve plant performance, reduce costs and increase productivity. Each team member can have named App login to trace user and track activities.

iFactory was developed by a team of seasoned plant maintenance experts and technology leaders who are intimately familiar with ERP systems such as SAP. Any maintenance activity performed on a cell phone or tablet is synchronized with SAP so all data is available at any time and device, even in the field or in the office. The app enables collaboration so maintenance managers can have access to key information and share it with anyone in real time—even remotely—using web browsers, tablets or smartphones.

iFactory App is being used by plant maintenance teams and systems integrators to start moving away from paper-based records and create more sophisticated reports, obtain better information on costs and productivity, get real-time data to provide better customer service and improve the quality of parts production.

The main idea behind iFactory is to make plant maintenance teams more mobile and productive while offering historical data on prior maintenance, parts inventory, estimates on preventive maintenance tasks, purchase orders, etc., all in real-time or offline.

The app is also built around the SAP ERP platform. It gives users access to the latest knowledge in fields like energy management both for maintenance teams as well as the finance team for best business efficiency.

The integration of iFactory CMMS with ERP system such as SAP enables plant maintenance to be more productive and efficient. It allows them to develop and execute maintenance plans and stay updated on parts inventory, purchase orders, corrective and preventive maintenance tasks, product quality reports.

The ability to access the SAP data in real-time from individual mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is possible thanks to the app’s easy-to-use interface and the beneficial features it offers. Mainly, these are: full-featured real-time cloud maintenance management system (CMMS) that includes features such as preventive maintenance planning, parts inventory and purchasing; preventive and predictive asset maintenance scheduling and management; detailed reports on plant assets and equipment based on integrated production and maintenance data from SAP; ability to add work orders, inspections, tasks, problems, assets and parts to SAP in real-time or offline mode. The app is also able to create purchase orders from within the app for purchase requests that have already been entered into SAP.

SAP integration lets plant maintenance teams collect data on critical assets such as processes, plants, equipment etc., linking information from SAP business applications with iFactory CMMS for better management of assets.

This integration enhances the efficiency of plant maintenance teams by ensuring availability of real-time information. This is beneficial to the company as they have access to critical information about their plants, assets, processes and business processes from anywhere and anytime to be able to take action which can help them in optimizing efficiency and productivity.